Dynamically adjust your portfolio to ride through changing dynamics of the market.

Delivering our highest conviction ideas into a single portfolio, the Fund draws on BiG Asset Management’s global platform to invest flexibly in income-producing securities across regions, asset classes and capital structures.

Advisory / M&A

An M&A transaction can be a defining moment in any corporate’s life. It’s a time when the right advice and support can be invaluable. On sales, acquisitions, and mergers of public and private companies, we can call on one of the deepest and broadest M&A businesses in the industry.

We don’t shy away from complexity. Whether it’s for global joint ventures, inbound public takeovers, or cross-border deals, we embrace the challenges that these types of transactions bring. And, the long-term relationships with the private equity and financial sponsor communities that we build and grow, continue to benefit our clients.

Debt and equity capital markets

Not only do we help our clients to spot market trends, we also help our clients to act on them. We guide our clients through the intricacies of equity and debt capital markets, tapping into our best minds and deep experience, and providing access to capital in multiple products and currencies.

We offer bespoke solutions for public and private clients. Whether for stake-building, hedging, yield enhancement, or disposal, we help our clients to manage their equity stakes worldwide.

Global financing services

When asset management firms need front-to-back prime brokerage and financing services, they can turn to us.

Our connected global network means that we can provide core services – such as clearing and settlement capabilities – alongside a range of complementary services, including capital introduction and business consulting.

In addition to offering a bespoke approach to accessing the investor community, we provide our clients with consultancy services over the life-cycle of a business enabling clients to navigate the ever changing landscape within which they operate.

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